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Why we do what we do.....

Over the years Carl has seen customers or shops making fraudulent insurance claims that been overlooked and rewarded. However, if proper expertise had been utilized, this could have been avoided saving insurance companies thousands of dollars. Recently, it hit home when Carl took in an insurance claim from a customer who just weeks prior had called on pricing a few parts and a new paint job. This customer sent pictures of the bike that day which bit him back when he claimed the bike had a few parts “ripped off."

Once in the shop and inspected it was evident from the photos this so called vandalized bike was a false claim. When pointed out to the insurance company they questioned the bike owner. He quickly admitted he was guilty.

The owner had to pay back the full amount of his claim that was awarded to him, and is now also fighting fraud charges brought against him by the District Attorney of the county he resides in.

This is just one of many cases of false claims we see and try to address along the way. False claims result in higher costs for us all.

What insurance companies should do………….

§ Any time a claim is made on a motorcycle, it should be looked over by an expert. Motorcycles are different than cars. It is much easier for a person to “sabotage” a bike and get money for it. Inside adjusters have little or no experience with motorcycles.

§ Special Construction motorcycles are some of the hardest bikes to get an accurate dollar amount on when involved in an accident. Each one is unique and an adjuster has no idea the value of custom parts or builds, they are at the mercy of the shop for an accurate estimate.

THE ANSWER….Ask An Expert

§ With our background in custom bike builds we can quickly look over an estimate to make sure parts, prices or repair times are not over inflated.

§ Carl Brouhard is just the guy insurance companies’ want on their side. Even if a small claim is in question it is better to have someone who knows how things can “happen” to look it over to ensure the client is being truthful.

§ Carl has more experience than inside adjusters. Most in house adjusters work from pictures or independent adjusters on site who have very little or NO insight into the specialized world of motorcycles.

§ Most insurance adjusters do not even know what parts are OEM or aftermarket, or lack the connections to parts suppliers to find out correct parts information and pricing.

§ Honesty is the best policy. When a false claim was brought into his shop, Carl contacted the insurance company to tell them they were getting ripped offer rather than just fix the bike and take the money. This saved the insurance company over $8,000 on the false claim.

§ It’s Free! We don’ make any money until we save you money.


§ In addition, we can also offer an appraisal on bikes to make sure customers have an accurate value on their bikes and its replacement cost.

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