Carl Brouhard Designs
Better Baggers

I love my job. I get to do what I love, use my gifts & passions and it has provided for my family and me. I am a huge believer in giving back when you are blessed. I have gotten involved in a couple of areas that I would love to tell you about.

Visiting Juvenile Hall

We have gotten some opportunities to visit young people in juvenile hall. We bring the bikes to get their attention, answer questions, and speak to them about the choices they have in front of them. Our message is positive and encourages them to go after their dreams, work hard, and to set goals and work toward them. These trips have been extremely rewarding and we hope to do more of them. Drop us a line if you have a an opportunity like this in
our area.

Promise Keeper Theme Bike

Promise Keepers is a faith based organization that puts on large rallies all over the nation for men. The purpose is not just to strengthen men’s faith in God, but to aid men in keeping their promises and commitment to the people around them, to build character and in turn honor God with their lives. This year, they have added a bike rally and ride to each of their conferences. We built them a theme bike and are displaying it and riding with them. It has been a challenge and a kick to pull these events off, but the people we get to meet and talk with has been great. The truth about this endeavor is that motorcycles are the perfect excuse to build a relationship with someone. We love that!

Awakening In Him Ministries

Richard Wilkins is a friend and has a faith based ministry called Awakening In Him Ministry that does a ton of great things. One thing we do is go to bike shows with a couple bikes and draw a crowd to just meet people. We also distribute Bibles and literature. Many times, we just listen to people’s stories and get the chance to pray with people in need. This is about relationships and loving people where they are. We are accepting of everyone and don’t mind at all if they just came by the booth to see the bikes. We love to let kids sit on the bikes and anyone can get a picture with the bikes. The attitude inside the tent is different than some other displays there… we don’t get scared if a kid wants to touch the bike or a dad wants to sit on it. We are there to love people and we do.

Richard, being a framing contractor & builder, has gotten many opportunities to help people in the community and abroad. He has taken teams into the community to help the less fortunate and taken mission trips to build buildings and home. His ministry has a motorcycle side and a service side, but we love everything he does. Please consider going to his site and donating funds to help him reach more needy people. It is legit & non-profit, so donations are tax deductible. IF you come to the shows, chances are he will be there.